January 18, 2012



For 6-Pancakes:

Eggs: 2
Sugar: 100 g
                               Honey: 1+1/2 tablespoons                                          
Salad oil: 1 tablespoon
Sodium bicarbonate: 1/3 teaspoon   
Flour: 150 g
Water: 40~60 cc/ml
-Salad oil for cooking

couldn t use AZUKI Beans so i use :

Chocolate creame like NUTELLA
Custard Cream .

-Use a hand whisker  and Respect the order of the ingredients!
Beat the eggs and add the sugar. Mix until the mixture whitens.
Add the honey and mix until it has completely nblended in.
Add oil and mix.
Add bicarbonate sodium and mix

-Add water and mix. The amount of water might vary with the kind of flour.

-Heat a frypan over a medium fire first. then
Lower fire.
Wipe it with a kitchen paper soaked with salad oil.
Wipe off excess oil if necessary.

-Pour pancake mixture. Bear in mind that the size of the panckes must be the Choose your ladle/spoon well beforehand
!When bubbles have appeared across the surface turn the pancake over and cook few seconds

Once cooled down fill them up !!!


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