January 16, 2011


Authorities don't want him promoting his healthy eating campaign

He has been banned from every single school in LA but Jamie Oliver won’t let that get in the way of mission to change the eating habits of people in America.
And although his healthy eating scheme may be facing opposition he managed to attract a crowd as he opened Jamie’s Kitchen in Westwood California earlier this week.

Jamie,35, invited the residents of Los Angeles to his kitchen to learn more about his mission, where he hopes to change the perceptions and the diets of the people across the state.
But his mission was nearly over before it had properly began and he has been banned from every school in the state.

He told People magazine: ‘Currently, the L.A. School District won’t let me near a single school, but we’re going to try to get around that.’
‘Really, my job is trying to inspire people to educate people, but also get them to have clearer opinions about stuff, and stir up a little bit of trouble where some of the bag guys are getting away with murder.’

His work in L.A. builds on the first series of ABC’s Food Revolution, which won an Emmy award for managing to overhaul the school meals served in Huntington, the town dubbed America’s unhealthiest city.

But his mission has been halted by Los Angeles Unified Schools District (LAUSD) who have refused to let him into schools, leaving Jamie hoping he can get parents on board.
‘Reality TV has a formula,’ Robert Alaniz, L.A. Unified spokesman, told the LA Times, ’you either have to have drama or create conflict to be successful. We're not interested in either.’

At the moment Jamie’s Kitchen will aim to provide information, support and cooking classes for parents in the area as well as rally around to get his mission across and he is hoping, allow him access to just one school in the area.

The temporary kitchen will also serve as a television studio but he admits there is only so much he can do from there, he told reporters from LA Weekly: ‘If the cameras don’t see it (unhealthy eating in schools) the public don’t see it. That’s my problem.’
But judging by the queue outside Jamie’s Kitchen earlier in the week, which snaked around the corner of the building all hope isn’t lost and the chef seems to have some following in the area.

The food campaigner mingled with the people in the queue and chatted to a number of people before entering the building.

There he donned his chef’s apron and spoke to the attendees about his vision for their town.
Later Jamie was seen filming parts of his show with him talking to members of the crowd.
After the opening Jamie posted a plea to parents on his facebook page asking them to write to LAUSD board members within the next 24 hours to appeal their decision.
But two days later the page had just 17 likes and just 18 posts saying they had complied with his requests.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1347464/Jamie-Oliver-tries-win-food-fight-LA-authorities-Jamies-Kitchen-opening.html#ixzz1Au3ocx7B

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