January 19, 2011

Starbucks has announced a new super-size coffee cup

How much caffeine can one person take? Starbucks unveils the 1.5 PINT Trenta coffee cup

By Daniel Bates In New York 17th January 2011

Super sized: The new 31oz Trenta cup will be available in the U.S. from May - but it's not coming to Britain because there isn't the demand for it
If one cup is never enough, it will be music to your ears.
 which is more than one-and-a-half pints of coffee.
The super size 31oz serving is nearly a quarter of a gallon of the black stuff. An imperial pint is a comparatively small 20oz, while its American equivalent is 16oz.
And the Trenta will be 8fl oz larger than the Venti cup for drinks, which currently is its largest size on offer.
Seattle-based Starbucks tested the new extra large size in several U.S. cities last year, and said it was responding to customer demand for larger cold beverages.
But the Trenta will not be introduced in the UK where customers seem content with the current range on offer, the company said.
Starbucks currently offers four sizes for its drinks: the 8oz Short, the 12oz Tall, the 16oz Grande and the Venti which is 20oz in the UK and 22oz in the U.S.
The coffee company was unable to say how much caffeine would be in the super size cup, but given the Trenta has around 300mg when filled with an iced beverage, customers will probably only need that one cup to keep them awake most of the day - and half the night.
The new venture from Starbucks is part of the firm’s attempt to move beyond being a basic coffee chain.

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