March 19, 2011

Japanese - Yaki-gyōza 焼き餃子

Japanese Yaki-gyōza  焼き餃子  

Gyoza or Dumpling are  my fav. Japanese dish :) i got them when i was living in japan ... and i fall in love with them :)
Finally i  made it ....

250g . ground pork                                    
2 medium  onions   or scallions                                                 
1\2 cabbage
1 thumb-size piece of ginger or 
1\2 dried tsp
2 garlic cloves
2 Tbs. soy sauce
1 Tbs.  sesame oil
4 packs of gyoza skins

1tlsp sesame oil for frying

For dipping sauce:
 soya souce  , sesame oi l, chili ,  rice vinegar & minced scallions .

Finely grate  the cabbage and the green onions ,  the ginger and garlic cloves; add soya souce, sesame oil . Mix all the ingredients . Let marinate for about and hour .

I made my dumpling using ...dumpling press .

To steam-fry the dumplings, heat up a frying pan with a tblsp sesame oil
Put the dumplings flat side down into the pan, Cook over high heat for a couple of minute
Lower the heat to low.

Now, pour the water into the pan and immediately put the lid on. Let the dumplings cook
When the water is almost all gone, turn the heat up to high to evaporate .
 Serve crispy side up on a plate.

If u want freeze extra gyoza, put them in a palstic conteiner .

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