March 16, 2011

My Thoughts to My Lovely JAPAN

Not everyone can feel what I feel , maybe cuz not everyone has been soo lucky like me to get this Amazing ,

Wonderful & Awesome Country........Japan

I Did .......and since then I left My Heart there and kept everything I got in my Heart      
I still do and I always will.

What i see now make me '' Broken Heart'' :(
It s like gettin' a slap on my face but most a deep scar in my heart

I ve been inside a hurricane and I know a bit of this scary feelings '' It s awful
I wish do something but I can t ; the only thing I can do 's Praying with Faith, Hope and Love......
and Waiting......

Waiting to see my lovely Japan Get Up
and I im Here also waiting the day i ll get there one more time and get one more time all the awesome things of this Amzing Country
I ll waiting every single day to see that Asap

This s for all my Japanese Friends 友達 & Japanese
I love you with all my Heart

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