March 20, 2011

Panelle Siciliane

200 cheeckpeas flour \  Gram flour
2tsp salt
1\8 cup  parsley
1\2 liter cold water
oil for frying

Mix 200 grams of chickpea flour, 2 teaspoon’s of salt’ 1/8 cup of chopped parsely and ½ liter of cold water stirring until the flour is melted. Put on medium \ slow flame to cook, stirring continuously, so lumps do not form. Cook for about 25 minutes. When ready, take off of stove and spread out on a cold surface like on a countertop, spreading out until about ¼ inch thick. Let stand to cool off then cut into shapes desired.

Deep-fry in corn oil until golden brown.
This Recipe is for my Hun Kris ^^
Sakura Chan from ''La Bettola ''

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